Account Based Marketing

Adopt an Account Based Marketing (ABM) program to complete your overall Demand generation strategy. Star Influence Media gets your messaging and offers in front of your target accounts.

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Effective Account Based Marketing

Discover your True ABM list

Working on any outdated data can sabotage any ABM for Demand generation program, analyze your existing data and get your new ABM list by utilizing Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) as a guide.


We provide personalized insight at scale and in a format your buyers find easy to consume by
• Topically personalized content sharing and Personalized landing pages
• Sales outreach
• Target social media
• Provide ungated user experience

Brand and Content engagement

Your target accounts interact with your content (Blog post, whitepapers, infographics, videos etc.) and gives you opportunity to start a conversation.
We ensure the prospect is presented with the personalized content and enhance the buyers experience and thus maintain the account level advertising.

Assisting Sales in closing a deal

Give the sales team the information they need to have meaningful conversations, and close more deals. We share insights about prospect activity on your website, real-time intent behavior by prospects, and mentions in news sources that can provide specific talking points with the sales team giving them easy access to key buyer insights when they need. This makes it easy to create personalized messages without spending hours doing research. Your sales team will get improved response rates and get to revenue faster.

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